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Hi anyone out there in dreamwidth land :)

I have had a lot of school work to do (what else is new), a sick sister (she's getting tested for some intensive allergies and autoimmune), and a very intensive school project where I shadow and interview park rangers (which is overall pretty cool). Also, this weekend is my one-year anniversary with [personal profile] ladydreamer so she came up to Maryland to see me and it's been really fun. We exchanged gifts and she got me a beautiful celtic necklace (think the tri symbol from charmed) and also a pancake purse which makes sense because I've been torturing her with pages from the same bad story for a while :P

Overall, going well, just need to do well on midterm and do what I can on a paper I have an extension on after a car accident that hurt my shoulder but didn't turn out anywhere as badly as it could have.
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I've been back since yesterday but today I woke up at 8:30 with a sore throat and earache. I'll summarize some personal thoughts here later this week, but if you want to here the blow by blow, my pen name blog has a lot of it here - http://ivyquinnauthor.blogspot.com/  
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 Swam 50 laps today!
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I had a bad experience yesterday that taught me better how to set samples policies clearly on my site. Someone took advantage of  my audition to help by reading the first chapter for free and turned it into 4 hours of my time by engaging me in a FB messenger conversation and then saying "Oh I don't actually have money right now, can I do it for free and just get advice?"


I can't pay medical bills and taxes and gas in "free advice" so you can't do a barter system or just be super speshul and get the free advice.

That's just rude to engage an editor if you have no intention of becoming a client or paying for it. I mean, did you think it was free?

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However, I'm a bit just frustrated lol. I am working to try and find clients for my new freelance job and so as part of that, I joined a few editor/proofreader groups on Facebook. However, one person isn't really being mean but condescending a little and I think trying to be helpful but talking about how many more training classes and credentials I need etc. It's just I get she's trying to be helpful (I think), but I don't like the tone/being talked down to as if I'm dense.  
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 I don't know if anyone has heard that term before. It's where no matter how hard you work you feel like an amateur. I always feel behind at everything. I know part of that is I do too much. Currently I'm trying to organize my life so I eventually have an income stream not related to ghosting and getting other things off my plate. I need to put priority on my health and exercise first, my schoolwork and research second, and my writing originals, especially everything that needs to get done this summer to get Sapphic Alliance Fiction and my writing with Ladydreamer (my girlfriend) and with my cowriter Megan hopping.

I'm thinking of letting things go in the mean time like the ghosting so hopefully working to parlay into coaching/editing/assisting, and some organizations I've been with for a while but take up time around the writing I need to do.

i also feel badly because of something dumb. I am working on taking down my one thing at Amazon under my old author name J. Bridger so that I can change over author central name and brand to Ivy Quinn. It's so dumb but to see this review from this year (such a stray thing since it's been out five years), but a one star is always a pain. I know I've grown a lot as a writer since then but sometimes I worry I'll never be good enough and I'll always be either reviewed badly or considered a hack just good enough for the kindle mill ghosting.
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 I'm going back to some part time virtual assistant work. I also am expanding what I do freelance to writing coach and plot doctoring/developmental edits.

If you know anyone who would be interested, please let them know about me. Thank you!

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 Since the NJ writers conference is only 2 hours from my house in October and the agent I wanted to pitch to at RWA is there as well, I signed up for that and am pitching her hopefully there since I need the summer for just the paranormal romance rewrites. So the next about four months:

1) June

-20k contract novella
-Paranormal romance about 75k about dragon/phoenix shifter

2) July
-sheikhs #35
-continue editing paranormal romance for RWA
-f/f romance for self pub Vegas Shifters #1 (around 50k for each Vegas Shifter)

3) August
-continue editing and prepping vegas shifters #1
-sheikhs #36
-start on vegas shifters #2

4) September
-vegas shifters #2 done and edited by late Sept (and up!)
-Southern Gothic UF - get to beta for edits by Sept 30th

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So good news:

1) Got the job in today so sheikhs #34 is in the can.
2) have contracts lined up through August

The Bad news:

1) To keep medicaid eligible, I have to stay around 16,000 dollars in official on the record/taxed income this year
2) By August after the next three contracts pay out, I'll be at 15,900

1) Fall - need to up my under-the-table income from tutoring for college essays, acting as a virtual assistant, and also being a freelance proofreader and developmental editor.  
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The first 22k words are off to beta and I'm working on the final 8. I've still got about 7500 to go and hopefully get get about 5k tonight and up about six am to finish the last bit/epilogue and send it all off.

Side note, I have literally written over one million sheikh words with the completion of this current book. 
ETA - make that 27/30k are with beta and I just finish the final chapter and epilogue early in the morning and send off!
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Is anyone else having issues with their gmail today? 
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24 hours and 18k, no prob.

Maybe a little stress but I can do it! 


May. 31st, 2017 07:56 pm
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Brother helped me get the files I desperately needed including a novel I'm working on onto an external and they're all loading onto the hard drive of my current comp as well.

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Presenting the editing I've been doing for my mentor went well, and I actually am going to be gym buddies this summer with someone who works in the office, a just graduated second year and my roommate from Spain. Anyway, so that went well. Long story short is that it's just hard to get back from being behind. I have 25k to do on a sheikh story between now and tomorrow night, which I can do, but I'm just a bit rusty. 
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I ended up with a third of a manuscript for a novel I've been working on since September '16 that I'm trying to recover and also this assignment/research work for my mentor. Katie (the sis) really fucked things up when she broke my computer. I'm still mad and frustrated by it. I think the most frustrating part is my parents don't want to talk about it and I am not allowed to be frustrated about it cause it might make Katie feel badly and she's doing better with her treatments and stuff now :( 
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So after checking my bank balance post paying off my summer class and also a bit more research on the one thing I was pitching (where was interested), I adapted my schedule. It's still tight but I switched out the romantic suspense novella for another sooner sheikhs cause money!


1)    Sheikh #1 = Now - June 1st

2)      Sheikh #2 = June 3rd – 11th (do in mornings and in evenings do vignettes/character studies for PNR prep)

3)    RWA Pitch Paranormal Romance, target 75,000 words = June 17th-30th (draft), edit for beta and off to her by July 5th (work around midterm)


4)      Sheikh #3 – July 4th – July 10th

5)      RWA Pitch Urban Fantasy, target 75,000 words = July 12th to July 27th and off to beta post convention, (work around final) 


6) 50k f/f shifter story/Vegas Shifters #1 by August 10th and off to beta for August 31st posting
7) Sheikhs #4 about August 15th-23rd

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To everyone ;) 
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It's my 13th livejournal-iversary.

I don't go over there much as I'm letting my account expire...etc. due to their current policies but WOW what a long time. I started using LJ in my sophomore year of college! 
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 One class grades aren't in yet. I got an A in scary class and a B+ in the research methods. I got a 72 on a paper in that class but I'm okay with that. Even on my final paper for research methods with all the extra help I only got a 80. Maybe I'm just not used to how she grades? Anyway, thanks to extra credit it was a B+ and not a B so that's life. 

This summer I will only be taking employment law so that's good.
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