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This fandom has become an increasinly nasty place since s7. I think KK and MR leaving and losing the Clex/Chlark/Clana/Clois balance and having KB come on to play shippers against each other to epic level has helped.

I am vocal on my beliefs. I am too vocal sometimes. I am probs always gonna be famous for my rant after Savior's ratings came out and SHoE made the gleeful podcast about how all Chlois fans eat chocolate in their pjs and masturbate to Tom Welling and want to be Chloe. We have that saved, thanks, so no one deny it never happened.

I cannot COUNT the number of people I thought were friends I have lost to the other side or another side or however many fronts we have on this free for all.

The show will be done filming first unit March 22, 2011. The finale airs May 13, 2011. We have three months no matter how you look at it before there is a "winner" of a show no one watches and most people don't even know still airs, one, that frankly, will get overshadowed by Man of Steel because Nolan is basically god now (see Inception ). I am in Buffy fandom, I've no illusions a "real canon winner" will do anything to stop fandom wars. They'll probably be unbearable after the finale finishes.

How keen.

Let me put this clearly, if Clark and EDLois have sex in front of me Showtime style and the ep is that for 40 minutes plus a flashforward to her pile of pulitzers and Perry kissing her feet and like 6 Clois kids running around the farm and Chloe off in prison, I'm still gonna Chlois . If it ends like that and Chloe is dead, still gonna Chlois . If it ends like that plus Chlollie have a million Chlollie babies and hot sex and Chloe's a housewife in Star City or whatever, I'm still gonna Chlois .

To ME, it is how the story SHOULD BE AND SHOULD HAVE ENDED .

I have an opinion. It's on my flocked journal on filters with people I *thought* I could trust, foolish me. How dare I NOT like something different from my preferences. How dare I remember Chloe as a reporter and love it and support it. How dare I, gasp, like her more with Clark Kent. It's a TELEVISION SHOW and people are allowed to have other opinions and, jeez, can't they even have them on their PAID FOR space?

Guess not.

It's never been a secret I Chlois. It's on my Shipper Manifesto and has been since the night Arctic aired in Canada in 2008.

2008 .

So do not get on me NOW when you know where I lie for having private posts to my friends about how poorly a ship is written or being shocked I'm not praising Clois or Chlollie. It was never gonna happen and the Manifesto warned of that.

Next time, I hope if views diverge someone will just tell me that we've drifted and ask to be defriended and we'll mutually part. Being basically spied on not only hurts, but hated for private thoughts that I thought I was being okay to share on, again let's be clear, a friends' only, filtered and PAID FOR journal.

Trolling is NOT stating opinions on your own journal under filter. Trolling is PSAs calling another side delusional and everything but a child of god when you KNOW you have friends of that persuasion on your flist and it'll hurt them and do it to hurt them deliberately. This fandom can't go five seconds without calling someone crazy, evil, or a Nazi or sometimes all three at once.

How sad.

It wasn't always like this.


Cogito ergo sum.

Now, get to steppin'.


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