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I haven't checked for my other two classes but one professor for the personnel class aka the class she just reads the powerpoints aka the class with the cumulative final of doom. I think there was some grade curving in there but I don't really care. I got a 95 on the final and an A in the class so I NEVER EVER have to deal with it again! 
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I don't know how I did. I am nervous about the class I had the 72 lab as well as the class I had a scary ass final in. Essentially 2/3 classes I'm just anxious about (you have to have a B usually to considered passed in grad school. I mean we get 2 Cs max but I don't want that if I can avoid it).  
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 1) Like I said earlier I'm pitching at RWA 2017. I have them at 9:30 am on the 28th of July and 10:50 am on the 28th of July.

2) I'm pitching Tera Cuskaden of Entangled.

3) I'm also pitching Rebecca Strauss of the DeFiore & Company Literary Agency.

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The tutor helped me understand better how to read certain types of graphs for interactions and main effects of ANOVAs.

The professor and I had a long talk about my paper, the family situation at the time, and she was super honest about it and said that she'd been there as far as having asked for extensions before and that I should feel free to come to her if extenuating circumstances are creeping up. She said that I can always ask and I don't have to feel embarrassed to ask for help, and that she knows I'm a hard worker and this one paper doesn't change her opinion of me or make her think I've been phoning in the semester or anything. She also gave me suggestions on how to fix my current paper's discussion so I'm doing that right now so I can have a final beta/friend (not from the class) look it over for grammar and things. I do feel better. I mostly above all things hate letting other people down.

ETA - of course I'm still super nervous about my personnel class because I just don't know where I stand going into the massive final and I feel like I'm triaging anything and can cover everything I need to know about the last four months (yes) by Thursday night. Ugh, I've rarely had a semester where I've felt so out of it.
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Ugh that makes me feel so bad just typing that.

However, that was due the Friday before my birthday. That next day was the day Katie broke my computer. That said, I hadn't slept since Tuesday because of some family crises from Katie calling and being suicidal over her job changing her assignment (not quite demoting her but basically because of moving her to a more dangerous office), and so we'd had three nights in a row of panicked calls from her and going over to her apartment.

It explains how I literally was sitting there reading off my instructor's feedback and rereading the notes I took on her in-person feedback and STILL not translating it to the work. I'm seeing my prof today as well to see if my second draft of the final lab report is hitting the points better and how I can continue to do that, but I was sort of stumped on how I was literally looking at the feedback and checking it off as I went and still misunderstanding it so badly. Since I hadn't slept worth a damn in about 72 hours it makes more sense.

It's not a blame thing. I've been working to set up walls and boundaries and not be around where Katie is, but it does make me feel a little less like a) wow do I just not understand the material and requirements and b) I was probably still somewhat confused but also very exhausted and blotto.
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I've got an agent and an editor pitch meeting set up. You get one of each so I figured why not?

I was actually excited because the agent and editor I had wanted still had slots. It's probably cause they both do urban fantasy and paranormal and those in actual press are considered slow markets so people aren't writing them as much.


May. 14th, 2017 10:32 pm
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I have a first draft of the final lab report and a friend is reviewing it (a beta reader not a fellow classmate) so I can take a second draft to the teacher and see what I'm just not adapting to in her instructions.

I reviewed the study sheet for that same class for about three hours, and I'll be making an audio recording of the study sheet for personnel (aka big massive scary final) tonight after John Oliver. I have to drive back and forth so much that I figured having a audio reading of the notes that I could listen to on the drive back and forth to school would give me an extra about 7 hours of study time I'd waste just driving.
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I've studied for research methods for three hours and finished the study sheet. I just feel so tired.
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I got feedback on a paper where I got a 72, which means I technically failed led as under an 80 is a fail in grad school. That has never happened to me before and I was really trying. Of course the final paper due Wednesday builds from that so I'm super freaked out.
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I thought I could get my comp to work a little if I hooked it up to a functional spare monitor, which I have. I cannot. Will is coming over tomorrow to help me get everything off to an external hard drive so I can salvage data and school work but yeah, I think my old computer is pretty thoroughly trashed and not just its monitor needing new glass.

She really sucks.


May. 5th, 2017 08:46 pm
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I was noticing that the dreamwidth notes how many times you use a tag. I've used "Smallville fic" 1080 times.

Oh man.
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I took today off to rest. I needed the sleep and the time to reboot. Tomorrow? School review starts bright and early at 8 am.
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It was a first. We had a gas leak at the office so we had to be herded out and try to avoid potential explosion while six full fire trucks and two ambulances were on the scene.

my suitcase

May. 2nd, 2017 10:40 pm
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it has arrived yay!

back home

May. 2nd, 2017 08:06 pm
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Had a great time with G in Texas, wish it hadn't been over so soon :(

I corrupted her mind with Rick and Morty and Millionaire Matchmaker and she got me rehooked on Kimmy Schmidt.

Anyway, today sucked not just because I didn't wanna go but because even though I got to the airport 90 minutes early, they put my bag on a later flight so I had an hour+ of luggage counter drama. I was so tired and delayed after that I just came straight home to sleep instead of trying to go through a later section of research methods class.

I'm super tired, but feeling better after a nap. Tomorrow I see my psychiatrist and get into the final two week march of exams, final paper, and writing for this one contract. Fun times.
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I just am really tired and drained and sad. It sucks, and I have to get myself together to do some contract writing and then do two papers and study for finals. It's just really hard when you have an addict in your family and setting up those boundaries so she knows she can have help and support when she's ready to ask but not get dragged down. I plan to spend my days on campus in the library studying and working on stuff because it's too chaotic here cause it's also all Mom will talk and obsess about.


Apr. 23rd, 2017 11:10 pm
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I'm just trying to get used to posting here. Today was rough. Mom and Dad went over to talk to Katie today and bring her food for dinner. I don't know how progress is going on her getting into rehab. It's all so scary.


Apr. 15th, 2017 01:12 pm
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I've fully imported so I'll be doing a lot here as well.

I want to do some double checks everything moved right but I'll be at dreamwidth permanently once my LJ contract runs out because of how much I dislike the censorship of LJ's new owners.
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To quote Forrest Gump*.

long and many thoughts )
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So if you haven't had a chance to see www.legendarywomen.org before then you are free to poke around and to enjoy it now!

There's a lot to search through here currently, with almost sixteen separate articles, and it will be updated 2-3x/week to start with more columns, reviews, current issues, and profiles, so enjoy!

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