May. 30th, 2017

legendarytobes: (writing vacations by me)
So after checking my bank balance post paying off my summer class and also a bit more research on the one thing I was pitching (where was interested), I adapted my schedule. It's still tight but I switched out the romantic suspense novella for another sooner sheikhs cause money!


1)    Sheikh #1 = Now - June 1st

2)      Sheikh #2 = June 3rd – 11th (do in mornings and in evenings do vignettes/character studies for PNR prep)

3)    RWA Pitch Paranormal Romance, target 75,000 words = June 17th-30th (draft), edit for beta and off to her by July 5th (work around midterm)


4)      Sheikh #3 – July 4th – July 10th

5)      RWA Pitch Urban Fantasy, target 75,000 words = July 12th to July 27th and off to beta post convention, (work around final) 


6) 50k f/f shifter story/Vegas Shifters #1 by August 10th and off to beta for August 31st posting
7) Sheikhs #4 about August 15th-23rd

legendarytobes: (lydia doubts you by all_malocks)
I ended up with a third of a manuscript for a novel I've been working on since September '16 that I'm trying to recover and also this assignment/research work for my mentor. Katie (the sis) really fucked things up when she broke my computer. I'm still mad and frustrated by it. I think the most frustrating part is my parents don't want to talk about it and I am not allowed to be frustrated about it cause it might make Katie feel badly and she's doing better with her treatments and stuff now :( 
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