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The tutor helped me understand better how to read certain types of graphs for interactions and main effects of ANOVAs.

The professor and I had a long talk about my paper, the family situation at the time, and she was super honest about it and said that she'd been there as far as having asked for extensions before and that I should feel free to come to her if extenuating circumstances are creeping up. She said that I can always ask and I don't have to feel embarrassed to ask for help, and that she knows I'm a hard worker and this one paper doesn't change her opinion of me or make her think I've been phoning in the semester or anything. She also gave me suggestions on how to fix my current paper's discussion so I'm doing that right now so I can have a final beta/friend (not from the class) look it over for grammar and things. I do feel better. I mostly above all things hate letting other people down.

ETA - of course I'm still super nervous about my personnel class because I just don't know where I stand going into the massive final and I feel like I'm triaging anything and can cover everything I need to know about the last four months (yes) by Thursday night. Ugh, I've rarely had a semester where I've felt so out of it.


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