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Ugh that makes me feel so bad just typing that.

However, that was due the Friday before my birthday. That next day was the day Katie broke my computer. That said, I hadn't slept since Tuesday because of some family crises from Katie calling and being suicidal over her job changing her assignment (not quite demoting her but basically because of moving her to a more dangerous office), and so we'd had three nights in a row of panicked calls from her and going over to her apartment.

It explains how I literally was sitting there reading off my instructor's feedback and rereading the notes I took on her in-person feedback and STILL not translating it to the work. I'm seeing my prof today as well to see if my second draft of the final lab report is hitting the points better and how I can continue to do that, but I was sort of stumped on how I was literally looking at the feedback and checking it off as I went and still misunderstanding it so badly. Since I hadn't slept worth a damn in about 72 hours it makes more sense.

It's not a blame thing. I've been working to set up walls and boundaries and not be around where Katie is, but it does make me feel a little less like a) wow do I just not understand the material and requirements and b) I was probably still somewhat confused but also very exhausted and blotto.


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